About Us

Lyrabendi is a very peaceful and private 76 acre farm which offers a log cabin to the public for accommodation.

Farm animals:
  • This video shows a flying fox, slippery dip, bike ramp and trampoline – unfortunately, these items are no longer here at lyrabendi. The footage of the river and river cruises are for information and activities only and are not included with staying at lyrabendi. Sorry if this information is misleading.
  • 2  alpacas
  • Sheep and lambs most friendly, and some lambs can be hand fed
  • Shetland pony
  • Friendly goat

Things to do:

In Tailem Bend:

  • A free ferry operates 24 hours.
  • The scenic lookout, next to the ferry crossing, offers excellent river views.
  • A grassed picnic area on the riverbank next to the ferry crossing.
  • A fenced children’s playground is located in the main street.
  • A range of shops and services located in the main street.
  • A bike jump track
  • Historic Railway station.
  • Golf Course on the main highway.
  • Old Tailem Town Pioneer Village.
  • Boat ramp (Fred’s Landing), and fishing.
  • Brayfield Park Lavender Farm.
  • Coorong links walking trail.

Things to do on the farm:

  • watch the animals
  • play with the sheep and hand feed, pat a goat
  • pat and/or brush the pony
  • birdwatch
  • take a leisurely stroll around the property
  • playground with swings, and sand pit
  • walk around the property and collect wood to build a campfire (if weather/season permits)

Dogs are permitted with managerial permission as both the cabins have a fully fenced yard.  Dogs must be kept on a leash whilst outside unless in the yard.

You are welcome to keep them inside with you, but please roll up the mats and keep them off furniture.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Michelle Gerlach .