New addition – little female panda lamb born 13th February 2018 – can be pattedLatest news – 23rd December 2017:

Lyrabendi Farmstay is under new management. The owner/Manager is back and is ready to host your accommodation experience and show you around the farm.

Feel free to wander around the property or I can give you a guided tour. The sheep, lambs, pony and alpacas will be happy if you bring over some hay for them to eat (hay is provided). Some sheep and the pony will enjoy a pat. There is a small playround for children to enjoy.There is also a goat that may like a pat. Lyrabendi will be upgrading the children’s playground and increasing the interactive options, and baby animals in the very near future.

I hope you will enjoy your farmstay experience – Owner Michelle Gerlach

Older news:

Twin lambs born 20th January 2014.

26/1/13  – 3 lambs born, mum is sick so they are bottle fed and doing well.  Update.. mother died as well as one lamb.  Male lamb went to a new home.  One lamb still here, Nancy who is doing very well.


5/12/12 – 2 young goats arrived

31/10/12 New baby girl lamb born!

17/10/12 New baby boy lamb born!

News – baby lamb born 5th December 2013


Two new little ones…..One lamb born on 21/5/14 and one little one born on 27/5/14

Sarah's little baby born 27/5/14

Sarah’s little baby born 27/5/14

Gorgeous little one born 21/5/14

Gorgeous little one born 21/5/14